Specially tailored fleet solutions for all tyre replacements and tyre services

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As a fleet owner, a leasing company, a transport company or a company that handles its own transport, it goes without saying that you do your utmost to manage your fleet costs as effectively as possible. The best way of doing this is to get specialists to take care of your fleet management for you.


Maintaining and replacing tyres are substantial cost items. An all-inclusive tyre management contract is an attractive way of ensuring that these costs are kept as manageable as possible. TEN has all of the requisite expertise in house and offers competitive rates. An all-inclusive contract with a TEN partner is a readymade solution for your complete tyre service needs. Preventive maintenance and prompt replacement of tyres are essential to keep your per-kilometre tyre costs as low as possible. The right tyre pressure, well balanced wheels and precise alignment make for considerable fuel savings, a smoother ride for the driver and safer road use. TEN has in house all of the knowledge and technology it needs to provide a complete tyre service and constantly invests in the latest equipment, training its staff and upgrading its software. TEN is brand independent and provides clear and objective advice. The contract is based on an extensive range of personal options offered at the best conceivable rate.

Specially Tailored Solutions
Specially tailored fleet solutions for all tyre replacements and tyre services are TEN’s core activity. TEN tyre management contracts are precisely aligned with the specific needs and requirements of the individual fleet owner, with the achievement of the customer’s objectives being a joint mission. In an expanding market communication is an essential asset in achieving optimal performance. So TEN is also a professional partner with an innovative vision of the future on the digital highway. TEN uses the latest hardware and software solutions to guarantee a rapid and insightful online service. TEN meets the need for modern, transparent and brand-independent tyre management contracts for and throughout the whole of Europe.

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TEN’s is located in 14 countries providing Specially Tailored Solutions

TEN is the largest organisation of independent and professional tyre service dealers which offer the best service all over Europe. At this moment TEN is represented in 14 European countries.

TEN’s European Network
Guarantees optimal Service

TEN’s extensive pan-European network guarantees optimal service throughout the whole of Europe. TEN is constantly expanding its European network in order to be able to provide the best possible service for its customers.

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TEN European Economic Interest Group was founded at 2 October 2007 in Liverpool. It is an European organisation which has its residence in Germany. For more information you can contact the partners of TEN in each country.
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